EntelliGuard* Manager


Toolkit TKB & TKS

EntelliGuard Manager is a broad and expanding set of tools designed to monitor, set, and customize the data present in the GE range of EntelliGuard, microEntelliGuard and PremEon trip units.


The Toolkit is a PC based software package that allows the user to monitor, set, and customize the data stored in the memory of the EntelliGuard and microEntelliGuard trip units. Optionally a version is available incorporating a TEST capability that verifies if the breaker reacts correctly to the set time and current values.


Basic (TKB) Version
Offers both the View (Monitor) and Setting (Customize) functionality. Can also be used to track and update the firmware and language installed in a trip unit.  The TKB version is available as a download (free of charge) - click on the "Download Software" button.  NOTE - File Size is 120MB. Installation Instruction - click here.


Standard (TKS) Version

Offers View ( Monitor), Setting (Customize) and Testing functionality. Similarly, it can be used to track and update the firmware and language installed in a trip unit. Reports covering the test and setting data can be produced and stored in a pdf format.  This version must be ordered.  See the following ordering information:
Description                       Catalog Number
Toolkit TKS with testkit GTUTK20S                                GTUTK20S
Toolkit TKS without testkit







Features and Benefits


Multiple circuit parameters such as current, voltage, power, energy and trip events can be viewed using the comfort of a standard personal computer. When connected the values are read from the trip units memory using the serial¹ port located on its front facia.
Has the ability to read the settings stored in the Trip Unit memory. Data such as current values and timings for shortcircuit, overload or groundfault protection can be accessed. These values can also be modified and written back into the trip units memory.
If present in the chosen trip unit variant, other settings such as the protection relays, alarms, relay inputs/outputs, RELT and ZSI can also be read and written in the same manner. Additionally, an extremely useful “off-line” data-file can be created. This feature allows the user to complete all trip unit configurations at their desk to upload them later in the field.
Allows testing of the trip unit at user specified levels of the main protection features as overload, short-circuit and groundfault. The data of the resulting breaker trip² can be verified versus preset values. Other protection functions as RELT, and ZSI can also be tested in correlation with the most recent firmware version (version 26 or later) on EntelliGuard trip units.
The trip unit requires an external power source in order for the toolkit to operate optimally. On the PremEon S trip unit the power supply of the connected laptop suffices. On the EntelIiGuard and microEntelliGuard trip units, a standard GTUTK20 test kit is required to integrate the laptop with the trip unit. This test kit utilizes a serial interface to communicate and provides the external power source.
For computers without a serial communication port a USB to RS232 adaptor is required (cable). 
This software suite has been designed to run with Windows 7 or 8 operating system.
¹ PremEon has an Micro USB port.
² A “Test” that does not trip the breaker is also possible.